Using APFS in macOS Sierra

CAUTION: APFS support in Sierra is experimental. Do not use for critical data storage.

With the arrival of macOS Sierra, a new file system, called the Apple File System or APFS, has been developed by Apple to ultimately replace HFS and HFS Plus, which have been mainstays since 1985.

Apple says that APFS will become mainstream within its operating systems (iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS) in 2017. For the moment, it’s still in beta (with details and actual disk format subject to change before its release). However, it is possible to create APFS disks today.

To create a 10 MB disk image on your macOS Desktop (from macOS Sierra)::

  1. From Finder, Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  2. Type:

    hdiutil create -size 10MB -fs APFS -volname "APFS_10MB" ~/Desktop/APFS_10MB.dmg

  3. Type y and enter to acknowledge that APFS is currently pre-release.

Mark Dalrymple of Big Nerd Ranch started his own brief exploration of APFS upon its release at WWDC.

Wikipedia: Apple File System (APFS)

Coming soon: Stay tuned for a more in-depth investigation of APFS.

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