Miranda's Rights

Bruce Schneier discussing the British government intimidation of David Miranda, journalist Glenn Greenwald’s partner:

This leaves one last possible explanation — those in power were angry and impulsively acted on that anger. They’re lashing out: sending a message and demonstrating that they’re not to be messed with — that the normal rules of polite conduct don’t apply to people who screw with them. That’s probably the scariest explanation of all. Both the US and UK intelligence apparatuses have enormous money and power, and they have already demonstrated that they are willing to ignore their own laws. Once they start wielding that power unthinkingly, it could get really bad for everyone.

Note to everyone: The overreach of those in power to suppress those who are providing evidence of the creeping surveillance and oppression of people here is way more important than the promotional stunt at the VMA the other night. Pay attention!

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